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The Journey to Play and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei

Mei Mei Hu is an educator and the creator of the Play & Learn Chinese series, which includes a language CD, the popular Dance & Learn with Mei Mei and the recent simplified character instruction books Let's Write Chinese with Mei Mei. She came to the United States in 1983, after having taught English for several years in China at the well-known University of Science and Technology. In 1986 she received her master's degree in Education and began work as a Montessori teacher, guiding young children in their earliest lessons. It was her fifteen years of experience at the Montessori school that kindled her passion for teaching younger children, and the place where her Chinese program was born and refined. In the meantime Mei Mei had also been teaching Chinese language at Rhode Island College, which eventually led her to teaching positions at Providence College and, more recently, at Brown University.

Since 2000 and the adoption of her daughter from China, Mei Mei's energies have been focused on teaching Chinese language and culture to the large number of local children adopted from China and, through her educational videos, to others all over the country and even internationally. The Play and Learn series has been well-received by a world-wide audience of children and parents alike. Mei Mei's enthusiasm for conveying the joy and pride she takes in her native culture is her trademark. She has demonstrated her teaching style in presentations from Atlanta, to Boulder, to New York City. Her vast experience teaching both young children and older students qualifies her as a uniquely flexible and effective educator.

Mei Mei Hu now resides in Rhode Island with her husband and daughter. She continues working on her production of educational videos and teaching Chinese.

In Mei Mei's Words:

"The idea of making educational products came about through my experience as a Chinese language teacher. My students loved learning Chinese language, songs, and dances, and I was always searching for materials to add to my classes. However, I discovered that there were few resources available for non-native Chinese speakers. So, with the help of many colleagues and parents, Play and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei was born."
"We know that children love to sing and dance along with each other, and parents always appreciate seeing their children having fun while learning. We hope that you enjoy the Play and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei series as much as we enjoyed making it for you."

"Thank you very much for visiting MeiMeiandMe.com!"




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