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This special set of two workbooks "Let's Write Chinese" (intended as a first guide to writing characters for everyone), was conceived especially with younger children in mind, and would be a wonderful adjunct to any Chinese student's classes anywhere. It focuses on the most common nouns, verbs, expressions, etc.
Even three- and four-year-olds can easily trace each character with pencil, colored pencil and then marker for extra practice!

* The Table of Contents lists all the most common words and/or phrases.
* Features include simplified characters with stroke orders, Pinyin, and English translations.
* Each workbook contains 176 "daily use" words or phrases.
* The character blocks are of a large comfortable size - plenty of room for small hands to practice.
* A perfect activity for parents to share with their child - educational activity that rises to the level of art with    practice.
* Learning all of these characters will easily enable students to combine and recombine words and    phrases into hundreds of new complete sentences in order to express their own thoughts and feelings.

Set of 2 $12.95
Book1 $6.95
Book2 $6.95





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