Standard Chinese

This Chinese learning package provides a perfect combination of audio and visual material. It includes a CD-ROM (disc A), an audio CD (disc B), and a 244 page textbook to provide learners, young and old of any age, with a new way to learn Chinese easily. Disc A allows learners to study at their own pace through interactive learning methods with the best multimedia support.

By listening to standard pronunciation and learning Chinese writing step by step, learners will benefit significantly. It is just like having a good Chinese teacher you can consult at your convenience. The animation and illustrations will enhance comprehension of new words and texts.

Three different help functions are available in Chinese characters, Pinyin romanization, and English translation on the CD-ROM. They are conveniently integrated but can also be run separately according to the learner’s own preference. You can also choose to study the textbook and play Disc B in a CD player to listen to the soundtrack, or listen to Disc B alone for more reinforcement of the material.







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