Omega watches

Has always felt that wearing a watch a particularly handsome man, talking about the watch must be a symbol of a successful man, a high-grade texture of the watch, the market is very critical. Omega watches have been highly respected. This brand English name called omega, symbol "Ω", much like the physical resistance symbols. This brand was founded in 1848, the founder is by Louis Brandt, the advent of Omega watch the history of the brilliant achievements of watchmaking, disdain for peer. Authentic replica watches offer Reference price ¥ 45,980 13 Omega - Speedmaster Series 321. This section for men mechanical watches, features a date display, in general it is displayed in the dial 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock position of the calendar window. Timing function: In addition to continuous display, minutes, seconds outside. Tachometer function is also very popular with everyone. The speedometer is an instrument for measuring speed. It is a timepiece with a calibrated dial. It can read the estimated speed (km / h) at a distance of 1,000 meters. The watch also features a complex watch that measures short time periods, with complex watches that measure short-time chronographs; hands on seconds on a small dial - usually a one-minute rotation. Omega - Speedmaster Series 324. Reference price ¥ 31,700 12 This is the Swiss official Observatory certified automatic watch, related features: time function, date display, small seconds counter, crystal mirror, anti-wear sapphire crystal, internal anti-reflective treatment, case steel case, White dial Water resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet) This watch related to this deposit size: Case diameter 38 mm, movement is Omega 3304 self-winding chronograph with rhodium-plated finishes, power reserve for 48 hours. Omega - Speedmaster Series 321. Reference price ¥ 76,500 11 This section is also the same for men mechanical swiss replica watches, using the Omega 3313 automatic mechanical movement, 18Kt rose gold - stainless steel bracelet, very expensive sapphire crystal mirror, waterproof up to 100 meters. A closer look will find rose gold and King Kong and white, it seems domineering. Gestures are full of male charm. Omega - Speedmaster Series 321. Reference price ¥ 114,580 14 Is a unique mechanical men's replica watches, red gold case looks very luxurious, the basic features are: time function, date display, small seconds counter, tachometer, transparent back, crystal mirror, anti-wear sapphire Crystal mirror, the internal anti-reflective treatment. The same almost Omega watches waterproof performance are up to 100 meters (330 feet). This section of the relevant dimensions of the watch: Case diameter of 42 mm movement is Omi 3313, with column-wheel and coaxial escapement of the self-winding chronograph movement to ensure a swatch and lasting precision timing. Free-wheeling system with date, hour, minute and continuous operation of small seconds and the central timing pointer, this section power reserve is quite good up to 52 hours.