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Play & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei, vol. 3

This is the third in the Play and Learn Chinese video series. This video challenges young language learners by inviting them to use their new words in real-life situations, and move beyond the stage of one-word vocabulary to the formation of simple phrases and sentences. Children of all ages will be happy to join in the fun once again, as they speak, sing and dance along with Mei Mei and her young students. Drawing on her 20 years’ experience teaching Chinese to children, Mei Mei makes the language come alive through the magic of music, dance and song. Once again, this video features children in action, singing and playing as they demonstrate for you.

This volume guides children through the vocabulary for fruits and drinks, and then expands their new knowledge by having them ask and reply to the questions: “Where is it?” and “What is this?” Again, they will soon be using these phrases to make hundreds of their own in a natural and fun way!

Children will return again and again to these engaging lessons, presented in English, Pinyin, and Chinese characters.


“Using songs, movement, and activities, teacher Mei Mei Hu delivers a powerful learning experience in an enjoyable way.”

-Adoptive Families Magazine

Running time: approx. 32 minutes. For children of all ages.



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