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Dance & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei
(Play & Learn series)

I am so glad that we are finally able to present this lively and educational dance video. It was filmed in Anhui Province, with the help of a small group of beautiful young local children (aged 4-8). We had a wonderful time filming, thanks to the support and hard work of these children and their families. We also relied on the assistance of my own family who reside in Anhui Province. Throughout this collection of songs and dances , the dedication and talent of these youngsters is reflected in their shining faces. The sheer joy of being alive in a beautiful world is expressed in their dancing. The artistry of the choreography and the subtlety of the filming technique help to express the beauty of these Chinese children’s songs. Each song is presented with English, Pinyin and Chinese characters on-screen for maximum educational benefit. Against a changing backdrop of authentic school settings and beautiful exteriors, these adorable children give musical performances that are a real delight to behold. The entire video presents Chinese children in an environment that will appeal instantly to your child. The dances are designed to be easy to emulate by your children as they watch. As with the audio CD, there is plenty of material here for an imitative performance of creative movement. Families and teachers of Chinese culture should find it a splendid resource!                                                          --- Mei Mei

“The enthusiasm and spontaneity of the children is contagious, inviting viewers to join in. The videography, transitions, and sound are excellent with colorful changing Chinese landscapes for each song. With the repetitious nature of the songs, children will be able to sing the words after a few viewings. Elementary school teachers, dance instructors, and daycare workers could easily use segments of the production to teach the dances and the Chinese language. A great way to learn about another culture through song and dance.”

                                                                                           ---School Library Journal


Dance & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei includes
20 Songs :

Hello Daddy and Mommy, Where Are My Friends, Little Lamb, Hongcai Sister, Two Tigers, Little Stars, Take a Walk, I Have a Head, Row Your Boat, Find a Friend, How Are You, Ri Ke Ze, Drop the Handkerchief, Happy New Year, Little Ducks, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Feet, Happy Birthday, How to Crow, Pull the Carrot, Taste the Grapes. Booklet included with English, Pinyin and Chinese characters for all songs.

Running time: 50 minutes. For children of all ages.













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