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Play & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei, vol. 6

Let's Play Games

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Mei Mei and Me is pleased to annouce the release of it's latest film in the Play & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei series, Let's Play Games.

This sixth video presents popular Chinese games as played by children in China today. Come join Mei Mei and learn Mandarin Chinese the fun and easy way. Mei Mei introduces nine delightful games using practical sentences, and additionally provides a Quick Review to reinforce all of these useful expressions. All landuage is presented in English, Pinyin, and Chinese characters.


“Mei Mei's teaching methods are highly effective and entertaining. Playing games is a great aid in learning Chinese. Children will find learning with Mei Mei a truly joyful experience which will cultivate their love for not only the language, but also the culture."

-Li Wang, Ph. D., Curator of East Asian Collection, Brown University
DVD Running time: 30 minutes. For children of all ages. Copyright 2007

Let's Play Games includes 9 games:

* Catch the Fish
* The Little Monkey is Eating a Peach
* Old Wolf What Time Is It?
* The Little Pig
* The Hawk Catches the Chicks
* Close Open
* Grab the Tail
* Expressions
* Stamping on Balloons
* Quick Review



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