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Play & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei, vol. 7

Let's Visit Dawei Village

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"Mei Mei and a group of elementary school children introduce viewers to their language, their school and their village. Let's Visit Dawei dispels stereotypes and demystifies life in contemporary rural China. This video speaks to universal childhood experience and aspirations."
-Jacqueline L. Finn, Ed.D., Professor of Reading and Language Arts


"This is an engaging and beautiful cultural and educational visual presentation of daily lives of children in a contemporary Chinese village. Families, libraries, and educators should add this unique educational DVD to their collection for learning Chinese and Chinese culture."

-Yan Ma, Ph.D., Professor of and Director of Confucius Institute at URI “This excellent video series is highly recommended." - Video Librarian

DVD Running time: approx. 30 minutes. For children of all ages. Copyright 2008

Let's Play Games include:


Schoolyard Sports and Games

After-school Activities

Farm Chores

Weekend Activities



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