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One Day In Ping Wei

(A Children of China Film by Pearl River Production)

One Day in Ping Wei follows 10 year old Liu Yen Twin, or Twin Twin as her parents call her, as she does her chores, goes to school, and helps her parents in their home-based business. It is narrated by children in both English and Mandarin (with subtitles). From work to play, in the kitchen and in the fields, the stunning images paint a picture of China.

Located within the city limits of Huainan, Ping Wei is a small village that sits on the banks of the Huai He River. Known as the mother river of Huainan, the Huai He irrigates the surrounding land and the residents of Ping Wei farm the fields, growing a variety of crops but predominantly wheat and soybeans. The population of the village is about 1,000 people, and most live in traditional walled compounds. While the villagers have access to electricity they have few of the amenities of western homes. Water is pumped by hand from wells – and indoor plumbing and central heating are for the large part non-existent. All of this is vividly captured in One Day in Ping Wei, a 30-minute documentary that is both educational and entertaining.

Reviews for One Day in Ping Wei

“One Day in Ping Wei is a gift to the many Chinese children who have been adopted and now live in the United States. It speaks to children directly and will serve as an important vehicle in answering the inevitable questions that these children, as they mature, have about the land and people they left as infants.”

Rosemary Bowler, Ph.D., Co-author, “Learning to Learn”


DVD . Running time: 30 minutes. For all ages. Copyright © 2005



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