Big Head Son and Small Head Dad


This is the best set of cartoon shows for children I have ever found in China. Through repeated viewing children can learn a great number of Chinese expressions and short sentences, related to all manner of topics of interest to children. By exploring such topics as family life, proper manners, the importance of friends, and the beauty of nature, children are introduced to many different aspects of Chinese culture. Each of the short stories is presented in a loving family environment and friendly neighborhood and presents a plot where the child gets into trouble, and then is guided by understanding adults to solve the difficulty and learn a gentle lesson at the same time. These stories are so animated, child-friendly, colorful and different from American cartoons that our daughter frequently and happily returns to them as she accumulates more understanding of the Chinese expressions. The cute theme song and background music also make them very attractive to her. She often quotes expressions from these shows, working them into her conversation in an experimental way that often leaves my husband and I laughing. I am sure that you and your children would enjoy the shows too.
Mei Mei

Big Head Son and Small Head Dad set :

*11 disks in the set
*6 stories on each disk
*each disk approx. one hour




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