Beginner Chinese VCD


A creative and appealing Chinese language learning tool for kids, Chinese for Children presents lessons in the form of a story that kids will love to watch again and again. Dou Dou and her family have just moved into a new apartment, where they meet new friends like Le Le and his grandmother, Nai Nai. While settling in, Dou Dou discovers a lost pet turtle. As this engaging story unfolds, children will learn words and phrases for greetings, family members, household items, play, health, and more, all in a real environment with a relatable story. The use of repetition, through storytelling and animated introductions, helps to improve word and tone mastery. The two DVD series is made up of 15 lessons, which are 10 to 15 minutes in length. Each lesson contains two parts - an original story segment and a repetition of the previous story with expanded vocabulary and narrative. The whole family will enjoy learning commonly used Chinese words and phrases, while watching this entertaining story unfold. Ages 5+. English, Mandarin Chinese and Pinyin.

$24.95 DVD



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