dvd vol 09

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Play & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei, vol. 9

Dance & Learn Again

Due to the request of so many parents, Mei Mei returns with another charming video filled with children singing and dancing! These beautiful and talented children from Anhui Province present delightful songs with the cheerful costumes and lively choreography that you enjoyed so much in Dance & Learn. Dance & Learn Again is both exciting and educational for children of all ages.

Mei Mei's enunciation of Mandarin Chinese is clear and easy to follow. With the words of all songs presented on-screen in English, Pinyin, and Chinese characters, children learn Mandarin Chinese easily as they dance along and repeat the songs they hear. Come join in on the fun with Mei Mei!

- A great resource for teachers and libraries!

Contents: * Excitement in the Forest * Three Monks * How Old Are You? * Bugs Are Flying * Where Is Spring? * Willow Tree Girl * Dumplings for Sale * Christmas Bells * Bo Lang Drum * Little Umbrella Flowers * Song of the Plain * Happy Little Snail


"An extraordinarily gifted and enthusiastic teacher Mei Mei Hu not only teaches Chinese, she teaches why a child might want to learn - to sing and dance! With Mei Mei's tapes and videos, children sing and dance their way to Chinese proficiency."

- Lingzhen Wang, Ph,. D. East Asian Studies, Brown University

DVD Running time: approx. 45 minutes. For children of all ages. © 2010



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